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TCP/IP Transfers

HL7 Analyst allows external TCP/IP Clients to connect through a TCP/IP Listener and send HL7 messages to you, or allows you to connect to external TCP/IP Listeners and send HL7 messages to them.

Creating Connections

To create a new TCP/IP Connection, click the Add TCP/IP Connection button and fill out the Add TCP/IP Connection Form.

Running the Server

To run the server in listen mode, select a connection to use and click the Start Server button. The server will sit and listen for HL7 messages on the specified IP/Port pair until you click the Stop Server button. Any messages that are downloaded will be loaded into the Message Display Form and the Message Control ID will be stored in the TCP/IP Message Display window.

Running the Client

To run the client, open any HL7 messages you wish to send into the Message Display Form and select a connection to use. After you’ve opened all the messages you wish to send, click the Start Client button. All messages will be sent to the listening server the client connects to. If you wish to send more files you’ll need to clear your current session and open those files separately and re-click the Start Client button.

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