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Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Message Display Form

CTRL + O: Displays the Open File(s) dialog box.

CTRL + SHIFT + O: Displays the Open Folder dialog box.

CTRL + F: Displays the Filter Message dialog box.

CTRL + SHIFT + F: Displays the Search for Files dialog box.

CTRL + S: Displays the Save File dialog box.

CTRL + SHIFT + S: Displays the Save Files dialog box.

ALT + F4: Closes the application.

CTRL + E: Displays the Edit Field Value dialog box.

CTRL + D: Removes the currently displayed message from the current session.

CTRL + SHIFT + D: Clears the filter.

CTRL + C: While in the Segment Display, copies each selected fields value to the clipboard.

CTRL + SHIFT + C: Clears the session.

CTRL + UP ARROW: Navigates to the first message.

CTRL + LEFT ARROW: Navigates to the previous message.

CTRL + RIGHT ARROW: Navigates to the next message.

CTRL + DOWN ARROW: Navigates to the last message.

CTRL + SHIFT + UP ARROW: Maximizes the Segment Display.

CTRL + SHIFT + H: Toggles the Hide Empty Fields option.

F1: Opens the online documentation on CodePlex. (As of Beta Patch Release 1)

CTRL + F1: Displays the About box.

Search Form

CTRL + ENTER: Executes the search.

Search Query Builder Form

CTRL + ENTER: Closes the Search Query Builder form and sets the HAQL to the Search form.

Custom Report Form

CTRL + S: Opens the Save Report dialog box.

Filled Fields Form

CTRL + S: Opens the Save Report dialog box.

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