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Navigating HL7 Analyst

Message Display Form

The main entry point of the application.

Main Form

Transfer Display Box

Search for Files Form

Used to search your computers disk or network drives for HL7 messages that match your search criteria.

Search Files

Edit Field Values Form

Used to edit one or more selected field values in the current message or all open messages.

Edit Form

Filter Messages Form

Used to filter currently open messages by one or more field.

Filter Form

View Filled Fields Form

Displays the currently filled fields in all open messages with their minimum, average, and maximum value lengths, allows user to save this report as a CSV file.

Filled Fields Form

Selected Report Display Form

Displays the previously created report and allows the user to save as a CSV file.

Report Form

Chart Display Form

Displays a chart of all unique values in the currently open messages for the selected field. Context Menu (Right Clicking) allows for: Zoom, Scrolling, Saving Image File, Copying Image File to the Clipboard, and Printing the Chart.

Chart Form

Unique Values Form

Displays all unique values for a selected field in a list with amount of occurrences and percentage or occurrences of that value.

Unique Values Form

Build Search Query Form

Used to build a search query HAQL string for use in the search form.

Build Query Form

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