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Add a Database Connection

Add Database Connection 1

Input your database connection information using the standard SQL connection format. (IE: Server Name\Instance)

If you’re using SQL Authentication change the Authentication Type to SQL Authentication and fill in the User Name/Password pair.

Fill in the database name you wish to connect to and hit the Login button.

Add Database Connection 2

After hitting Login, the credentials and connection information you just provided will be used to query the database to pull the table names out of the Information_Schema.

Note: Each Database connection must have a unique name.

Give your Database connection a name.

Select the table you wish to query for it’s columns.

After the columns have been loaded into the Column Display, select the column that contains your HL7 messages. The currently supported SQL Data Types are; varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, and image (Which undergoes conversion to varchar during query execution). After selecting a column the column will be displayed in the Select Statement Display box in a standard SQL T-SQL Query String with the selected table as your From clause.

Enter in any Where Clause conditions to help filter your query results into the Where Clause Box. I suggest using a date column so you only pull the most recent messages when you execute the download. You do not need to enter the “Where” statement as this will be automatically added if you enter any search conditions into the Where Clause Box.

Click the Test Query button to test that your query executes without error and then save your connection.

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