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Installation Instructions

Follow the installation wizard through it’s screens as follows.

Screen #1

Installer 1

Click the Next button

Screen #2

Installer 2

Select “I agree with the above terms and conditions”, this means that you agree with the General Public License Version 2 that HL7 Analyst is released under and agree to abide by it’s terms.

Click the Next button

Screen #3

Installer 3

Select the path you wish HL7 Analyst to be installed to or accept the default path provided.

Click the Next button

Screen #4

Installer 4

Click the Start button

Screen #5

Installer 5

The HL7 Analyst has been installed successfully!

Click the Next button and then Exit to complete the installer.


If you haven’t already done so, you will need to download and install the Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework from here. The HL7 Analyst requires the .Net 4.0 Framework to run on your computer.

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