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  • Open multiple files
  • Open whole folders full of files
  • Search your computers disk for HL7 messages using a custom query format
  • Edit the currently displayed HL7 message or all open messages
  • Save the currently displayed HL7 message or all open messages
  • Download from or Upload to an FTP site
  • Receive or send HL7 messages using TCP/IP
  • Pull HL7 messages from a SQL Server database column
  • De-Identify patient information in all open HL7 messages
  • Display unique values for a selected field
  • Display all fields that are filled and pull minimum, average, and maximum lengths for those fields.
  • Display charts of values that appear in open messages for a selected field
  • Filter open messages by one or more selected fields
  • Create and save custom reports
  • Save the results of custom reports as CSV files
  • Built in Hex Viewer to check current message hex codes

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jbenedict_mhg Nov 22, 2016 at 2:22 PM 
Where can we get the details on what segments and fields are edited in order to De-Identify??