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Project Description
HL7 Analyst allows users to view, edit, and save Version 2.x HL7 messages. You'll never have to count pipe characters in notepad again. HL7 Analyst is developed in C# 4.0 for the windows platform and is released under the GPL V2 Open Source License.

Imagine a world where looking at HL7 doesn't make your eyes hurt, where anyone can look at and understand an HL7 message without the need for high priced professionals. HL7 Analyst can make this dream a reality by putting key analysis features at your fingertips. See the list of features on the documentation page to find out how HL7 Analyst can change your world today!

Blurb about HL7 Analyst

My day before I built HL7 Analyst consisted of using multiple pieces of software to locate and analyze HL7 records. To help reduce the amount of software I had to keep open and running all the time, I built HL7 Analyst. I’ve tried many other free HL7 Analysis tools, and none of them contain as many features as this one little tool. Sure, there are better and more powerful out there, but you’ll be paying a considerable amount for them. For a really great HL7 Analysis tool that you have to pay for, check out HL7 Spy here. But for those of you that are running on a small to non-existent budget like I do, I hope that you find HL7 Analyst as helpful as I have.


Jeremy Reagan

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